My 5 Favourite Toys

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It’s been a long time since the last Friday 5! I’m going to resurrect the idea, and this week I’m sharing my 5 favourite (sex) toys with you. These are in no particular order, because my attempts to rank them resulted in comparisons that left me with a post-orgasm glow, but no definitive rankings. Here they are:

  1. Pink Handled Dildo
    Cramps are a real problem for camgirls–and I’m not talking about the monthly kind, either. Pussy fucking and ass fucking, especially of the enthusiastic kind, require a lot of rather awkward reaching and twisting. A busy day on cam can leave you sore that night in the neck and shoulders. Not so with this toy! The silicone handle is long enough to make doggy-style struggles a thing of the past (especially for those of us with short arms) and is just flexible enough to prevent uncomfortable wrist angles without sacrificing the rigidity needed for penetration. It’s from Tantus, which means it was a bit pricier, but it can be easily cleaned and sterilized, is made from quality materials, and has lowered my Rub A535 budget substantially! It’s great for camgirls for sure, but anyone who enjoys practicing anal on themselves will appreciate the range the handle adds to this dildo.
  2. Dick Dildo
    This is the standard cock-and-balls dildo with a handy suction cup. Nothing fancy here, but this is my workhorse toy. I can do everything with this toy: it works for blowjobs, footjobs (hurray for suction cups!), and pussy and anal fucking. I can deepthroat this dick (admittedly it is 6”, so this isn’t a record-breaking effort), and it fits my pussy perfectly. I’m tight, and when I suck dick I gag, so that’s why this dildo made the list and my BBC didn’t. I’m on the hunt for the perfect 6-7” black cock dildo so I don’t just have this pasty-ass white one,because my pale ass plus the pale dildo can make lighting for videos a bit of a challenge!
  3. Wand Vibrator
    I didn’t want to be that girl who is in love with her Hitachi. In fact, I avoided buying one for years, but when I was at an MFC model meetup they were giving them away as swag, and I gave in to temptation. And I am still giving into that temptation because OH MY GOD this thing is amazing. The MFC one is cordless and rechargable by plugging it in, and it is hella powerful. I can only use it on low and medium because I’m too sensitive for the high setting, and oh man, it is a beautiful thing. It makes frequent appearances on my premium Snapchat story (follow my free story at katychurchill88) and they love it almost as much as I do. (Mine is from MFC, so I have no idea where it is from, but this one is very similar.)
  4. Smooth Glass Dildo
    This is probably my favourite dildo, which is ridiculous because it looks like absolutely nothing. No, seriously. It’s smooth and clear and double-ended and looks boring as hell. In fact, I can’t even explain how this feels, it’s just really, really fucking good. It’s terrible for sucking, of course (why am I doing it in that photo? Because if you give me anything long and slim I’ll put it in my mouth.) But in the pussy, oh doctor it’s good. The way the bulbous ends stretch me and then pop right in…mm mm good. The smooth shaft makes it great for really fast fucking, and the curve hits right in that G-spot region that gives me all the feels. It’s a great anal toy, too. It’s just good, okay?! (It looks like Lovehoney no longer makes this one, but it’s kind of like this G-spot dildo and this double-ended textured dildo got together and had a baby, and it was my smooth glass dildo.)
  5. Glass Butt Plug
    I’ve never been that interested in butt plugs. Sure, the jewel ones are pretty, and the fox tail ones are cute, but because of the anatomy of my butt cheeks, wearing a plug for very long isn’t all that comfortable. Honestly, I bought this plug because I had so many requests for plugs in shows that I figured I’d at least get some use out of it. It was on sale, so why not? I’m glad I did! It has a much thicker stem than many plugs, and it is really great to stretch my ass out in the morning before I hop on cam so I’m ready for anal from the moment I log on. Because of that thicker neck, wearing it to sit around is much more comfortable than other plugs I’ve tried, and I really don’t mind wearing this for longer periods of time. I will likely never be a girl who wanders around all day with a butt plug in, but I actually enjoy reaching for this one for shows and anal prep, and I never thought I would say that about any plug!

    Yes, there are affiliate links in this blog post. Hustlers gotta hustle, my friends.
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