5 idiots you meet camming

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Every customer service job has its own “special people”. Most of these people can be boiled down to fit into one of several categories, defined by how annoying they are. 3 in 4 guys I meet on cam are lovely, but the other quarter? They’re these guys.

  1. The “free dirty talk” guy Go ahead, ask me questions about my cam shows! I am totally honest, and if you ask for a fetish or show type that I am not good at or otherwise can’t/won’t do, I’ll tell you. I would rather say “no” to a show than disappoint you. Know what else I say “no” to? Free dirty talk. Tell me what you like, ask me if I do it. That’s it. I’m not going to talk my wonderful sexpot filth to this guy. His excuse is often that he needs me to “get him hard” before he takes me private. Dude, I am sitting in front of him, likely half-naked, offering to get nasty with him. If that doesn’t start his engine, this guy should check out a tube site…or Viagra (other brands are available). And when that’s got him hard…I sincerely hope he stays there. If he comes back, he’ll likely find he’s been blocked.
  2. The “let’s meet up” guy Here’s the thing: I work in the sex industry. I know this, you know this. I am a sex worker, and I’m damn proud of it. What this guy doesn’t realize, though (or doesn’t care about), is that there are different types of sex workers. Escorts and pro dommes meet clients in person. If I was either of these, I wouldn’t mind (and in fact would encourage!) this guy’s attempts to negotiate rates for a face-to-face meeting as much. It might still piss me off that he seems to think I’ll meet him and fuck him for $50, but that’s another issue. This idiot rarely takes “no” for an answer, either. He’s always special, and I should definitely make an exception for him. After all, once I meet him, I’ll love him! Blocked.
  3. The “can we discuss a deal?” guy I sometimes offer deals, but never to this guy. I put together cheap video packages, offer “Happy Hour” rate reductions, and discount the per minute rate on long Skype shows, but never when this guy asks. I fucking love camming, but at the rates this guy wants, I’d be working so many hours I’d grow to hate it. I know my guys work hard for their money – so do I. I believe I am worth the rates I charge. If someone disagrees, there are thousands of girls with lower rates ready to play with you. This guy is never a regular, either. He’s either done one show or no shows. If he’s done one, I will politely explain my policy of sticking to the sticker price. If he’s done no shows…he’s got about 30 seconds to accept my rates or move along. If he continues to try to snag a bargain? Blocked.
  4. The “you’re too pretty/smart for this” guy I don’t know what this guy expects to get out of this, but he’s definitely getting blocked.
  5. The “can I get a preview?” guy I get this guy on Skype a lot. When I was new, I thought that it was a request to check my webcam and audio quality. I would accept the call, focus the cam on a chair or something, and talk. This guy, though, would get pissed that I wasn’t in the frame. This guy never bought a damn show after that preview, so I stopped doing it. I refer this guy to my Twitter, where most of the pics are taken with my webcam, and to my clip store, where all of the clips are filmed with my webcam. Funny, he still refuses to buy a show. This is not Costco, I don’t give free samples. If this guy wants free chat, he is welcome to meet me on Streamate or MyFreeCams, though he still won’t get something for nothing. He’d better be nice there, though: it’s his last chance, since I’ve already blocked him on Skype.

Other jobs have these, too. Camming’s annoying people just happen to be looking at me half-naked while I roll my eyes.

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