My Birthday is Coming!

My birthday is almost here (September 9, I’m turning 31), and people have been asking for my wishlist to send me something special. Unfortunately, I don’t have a wishlist to send you to, but I DO accept gift cards and tributes! If you’d like to send me a tip/tribute, you can do so on Manyvids, IWantClips, or Clips4Sale. If you’d like to send me a gift card, I’ve listed links to some of my favourite stores (the Canadian versions, which is important!) below. It’s a true tragedy that BC Liquor Stores don’t sell online gift cards, so you can’t directly buy me a beer, but most tips and tributes will go to stocking my fridge with delicious beer.

Please send all gift cards to If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s sending out thank you surprises, so make sure you include your name and email so I can show you my appreciation! I buy everything on Amazon. Cosplay props, filming gear, books, clothes, cat toys…if I need it, the first place I look is Amazon.

Victoria’s Secret What I buy here is a secret between me and Victoria…just kidding! I love

their bras, panties, and pajamas. My favourite perfume is from VS, too: it’s called “Bombshell” and it makes me feel like a sexy slut who is about to get laid.

Sephora Makeup, skin care, and fancy bath stuff. If you love my crazy lipstick colours (blue, green, grey, black, etc…), hook a girl up!

Love Honey They make great toys! Their own-brand glass toys are absolutely fantastic, and I bought the latex dress I love from them, too.

Tantus Tantus makes incredible dildos. My BBC is from there, and so is my long pink handled dildo. Most of their stuff is silicone, so you can boil it to keep it clean, and it holds up so well under heavy use. They are kinky, creative, and expensive, but so fucking worth it. Highly recommend, and I have several toys I have my eye on from their catalogue. Also, they wrote “silicone statuettes” on the customs form last time I bought from there, which cracked me up.

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Updates: Skype and Surgery

I’ve got lots going on right now, but today it’s going to come to a screeching halt for 14 days or so while I recover from a tonsillectomy surgery! Let’s restrict this particular update to just the “S” news: Skype and surgery.


You may have heard that some changes to Skype’s Terms of Service have made it dicey to continue offering shows via Skype, but don’t panic–I’m not going anywhere. I will continue offering shows on Skype, but it is important that you have another way to contact me in case I lose my account. This site always has the most up-to-date information about where I am offering shows, and if anything goes wrong Skype-wise, this should be your first port of call. I have backup options set up in case that happens, and I will post that information here if/when it becomes necessary.


As I mentioned above, I’m getting my tonsils out tomorrow (May 25th). I’m actually quite excited about this–I’ve been on the waiting list for a while–but the recovery is going to be pretty painful, and I’ve decided to take 2 weeks completely off work to make sure I get back to 100% as quickly as possible. While I’m lying in bed feeling sorry for myself, videos will still be posting Mon/Wed/Fri on both Clips4Sale and Manyvids, and all videos on my Manyvids page are 25% off through June 10th. I’ve loaded up my Twitter with hot pics every day, but aside from pre-scheduled content, I won’t be available. I won’t be replying to DMs on social media, and I won’t be replying to emails, either. I’d appreciate your help in keeping my inboxes uncluttered–hang on to your requests and such until I am back, please. I anticipate returning to work on June 10, so I look forward to seeing you then!

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Panties for Sale

Please email me at to order.

I have a hairy, untrimmed bush that grows heavily on my pussy lips and around my asshole. My scent and wetness vary during the month, but I have a heavy, musky scent. I do not squirt when I masturbate, but for maximum wetness I use my vibrator over top of the panties for as long as it takes to get your panties wet and fragrant.

Masturbated In, No Daily Wear – $40

24 Hours:

Worn $40

Worn & Masturbated In $60

48 Hours:

Worn $45

Worn & Masturbated In $65

72 Hours:

Worn $50

Worn & Masturbated In $70

**Special requests can be accommodated, please email with your request!**

Add a custom video or photo set of me in your panties to your order! Ask me in your email for prices & info.

Add a cam show with your panties: click here for prices & info.

Panties marked “heavily worn” have been in my panty drawer and regularly worn for 2+ years. They may have some marks and discolouration in the gusset from long-term use. Brands are included when known.

Please email me at to order.

I have several ways to accept payment online, and I will discuss these payment options with you when you email me for your order. I DO NOT accept PayPal under any circumstances.

I include digital photo verification for free which is a picture of me wearing the panties, holding a handwritten sign with your name/alias and the date on it. I also offer video verification for $5, which shows me wearing the panties, removing them, and sealing them in a plastic bag. Video verification does not include footage of masturbation.

Panties will be sent regular mail in an unmarked padded envelope, sealed in a plastic bag, and wrapped in tissue paper. If you would like priority shipping, please let me know and I will calculate a price for you.

Panties are numbered in the photos below. Please let me know the number(s) of the pair(s) you are interested in ordering when you email me.

No refunds.

Please email me at to order.

Panties Available

**Click image to see full size**

001: silky pink striped panties, heavily worn

002: hot pink lace thong, heavily worn (Victoria’s Secret)

003: light orange cut-out panties (Victoria’s Secret)

004: light pink cotton thong (Victoria’s Secret)

005: satiny double-strap red G-string, heavily worn

006: SOLD

007: silky blue thong, heavily worn (Victoria’s Secret)

008: silky zebra-print thong, heavily worn (Victoria’s Secret)

009: ivory cotton panties with silver stripes (La Senza)

010: green mesh ruffled-front thong, heavily worn

011: army green cut-out-front cheeky panties (La Senza)

012: silky navy and pink printed panties, heavily worn (Victoria’s Secret)

Please email me at to order.

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How to Get a Great Cam Show

Remember the time I told you how to have great phone sex? Well, it occurred to me that some of the same tips apply to getting a great cam show. Sure, you’re paying the model (hopefully me!) to provide a show, but there are some things you can do as the customer to take things from good to great.


  • Tell me what you want Trust me, whatever you want, someone has asked for something stranger. Any half-decent cammodel will not mock you or shame you for your request. If it is a fetish or sex act that I don’t offer, I’ll let you know and you can continue your search for a model that fits your needs. Telling me directly is the best way to make sure I do exactly what you want in your show, which is, after all, what you’re paying for. If you hint and give vague suggestions, I might not guess correctly, and then I don’t have a fair shot at blowing your mind (and your load). Springing a sudden change of direction on a model mid-show isn’t fair, either. Let me know what I’m in for up front and we’ll both have a much better time together.
  • Let me know how we’ll be communicating Let me know if you plan to keep your cam off, so when we connect I don’t waste time trying to troubleshoot a blank screen. If you’re unable to talk to me, that’s fine too, but let me know in advance that you’ll be typing so I can set Skype to show the texting window while we’re on the call. Also, if you’re only going to be able to manage a quiet whisper, either type or consider waiting for a show until the circumstances are better. Nothing is less sexy than saying “say that again?” over and over because I can’t hear you.
  • It’s okay to offer some guidance Similar to #1, remember that I am a cammodel, not a psychic. If you want me to do something, let me know! If we’re mid-show and you want me doggystyle but I seem comfortable on my back, tell me to flip over and give you some doggy dammit! If you’re looking for the perfect cammodel to anticipate your every need and who will never need any guidance to give you the perfect show, I’m here to tell you that girl doesn’t exist. Especially when we’ve never done a show together, our last show was a while ago, and even then…you can’t expect perfection from me if you don’t at least point me in the right direction.
  • Tell me how it went You don’t have to leave a formal review, but if you loved something specific that I did, or weren’t crazy about something, let me know. If you plan to get another show with me, I keep track of this information to make future shows better for you. Heck, with enough good feedback, one day it might just seem like I read your mind.


Cam shows are best when it’s a 2-way street. On my own, I can give you a good show, but with a little help, I can give you a truly great, balls-draining experience that you’ll keep going back to when you’re alone.

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Camgirl Resources

I’ve written some articles and posted some videos that I hope will be helpful to other models. For the sake of convenience, I’ve listed them all here, in one place. This post will be updated as I write more articles and upload more videos, so be sure to check back regularly!


Articles for Boleyn Models

Customer Retention

Social Media Hacks

Saving Time on Content Creation

Getting Started on Manyvids

Increase Your Exposure on Cammodel Directory

Avoiding Burnout

Practical Camgirl Gift Guide

Camming Internationally (some of this info is slightly dated)

Tips to Earn More


Articles for Webcam Startup

How to Research Fetish Video Ideas

Getting Into Ass Fetishes

Getting Into Pantyhose Fetish


Videos for Webcam Startup

Setting Goals for 2018 (or any other year)

Getting Started in Fetish Videos


Guide to Skype Camming

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2018 News & Updates

Happy New Year! Okay, so I’m a bit behind on the whole start-of-the-year thing, but it’s still January, so It’s not really all that bad, right?

A few things are changing this year, but nothing drastic. I wanted to test things out for a few weeks before telling y’all that this is the plan, just in case it didn’t work out, but I’m pretty happy with how things are going, so we’re going to stick with this until further notice!

Skype Shows: My schedule has changed, but prices and sites are still the same! My preferred payment method is my own but I am still on Cammodel Directory and Live Cammodel Shows (which is actually where my payments are processed from my site), with SkyPrivate and Niteflirt for those who prefer to pay by the minute. My monthly schedule, including my planned days off, will be posted on the last day of each month at Rates are still $2 per minute everywhere.

Phone Sex: No changes here! The best place to call me is  Niteflirt, but you can also give me a ring at Talk To Me

Schedule for both phone sex sites is the same as my Skype schedule. If you’d like to do Skype audio only for phone sex, my rate is $1/minute, payable at the same sites I take payment for cam shows.

Videos: I’ll be releasing 3 videos per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Clips4Sale and Manyvids. For 


January-March, every other Friday will be a new fart-related video. I will be uploading over-eating/face-stuffing videos on the Fridays in between.

Custom Videos: No changes. Rates start at $5/minute, turnaround time for most videos is 14 days from the date of payment. Preferred method is, but I also use Manyvids.

Snapchat: I’m selling Snapchat subscriptions on for the lowest rate, but you can also pick up 1 week, 1 year, or a lifetime subscription to my XXX premium snap account on Manyvids. Check out the blog post I wrote on the subject if you have any questions about the changes.

Texting: You can still text me on Dreamlover, but I have also added texting at Talk To Me. Swap pics, talk dirty, chat about hockey, whatever floats your boat! I try to reply ASAP and take live photos for you whenever possible.

YouTube: New video every Tuesday afternoon. Please try to keep the comments there nice and clean, I am deleting the overly sexual ones to avoid getting my channel banned. If you have ideas for future YT videos, let me know in the comments there, but no, I will not be getting naked on YT. For that, there’s Pornhub!

Pornhub: Yup, I have a Pornhub account. With every 5,000 views I get, I will be posting a new video. Videos will not be the same as videos I have for sale, but will be teaser/promo videos. The more you watch, the more content you get!


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The end of 2017!

I’ve been told by several reliable sources that 2017 is ending, though I don’t quite believe it myself! In lieu of reflecting on my goals, progress, and achievements this year, I’m instead going to do a Top 3 List of my videos…both best sellers and the ones I like the best! I don’t want to dwell on things that went wrong, or even over-analyze things that went right. I want to show you the best freaking stuff I did this year!

Top 3….best-selling videos

  1. Pantyhose Under Jeans (tie): I’ve been wearing pantyhose under my pants all day, and I can finally strip off my jeans to deal with my wet pussy! I masturbate through my pantyhose at first, then rip them right open to get in deeper to give me a great orgasm! // Your Yellow Shower (tie): I know you’ve been fantasizing about having me pee on you for a long, long time. Today I’ve decided to make your dream come true! I’ve had a lot of water and Diet Coke to drink, so lie down in the tub and let me pee on you. Stare up at me in this point of view video as I give you the yellow shower you desire.
  2. Be My Ass Slave: You know you want it. That perfect, round ass, filling out my dress. I tease you with my soft, smooth booty, slowly pulling up the hem of my dress to show you my tiny panties. I shimmy out of my itsy-bitsy g-string and shake my ass for you, spreading wide to show you my tight, hairy asshole. Lean in close and sniff it, ass perv…smell it and lick it and clean it and taste it. Tongue fuck my p00p chute
  3. Shart Surprise: My belly is so bloated from the spicy food I ate. I push out fart after fart after fart…until I accidentally shart! Now I have to clean the carpet.

Top 3….videos I made, according to me

  1. Fuck Me & Give Me a Facial: This was my first attempt at a multi-position, multi-angle boy-girl sex video. My first sex video was really more of the classic “sex tape” with terrible lighting, a weird fixed camera angle, and absolute ignorance of the participants when it came to making it look good for the viewer (Hotel Sex with Katy Churchill is the video I am referring to.) In this one…well, at a few points we still got carried away and forgot to pay attention to where we were in reference to the camera, but it came out very nicely. I love facials, and his big load at the end was hot as hell, and I sometimes watch my favourite parts of this clip to get me turned on for cam!
  2. BBW Goth Girl Fucks Glass Dildo: This might seem like a weird video to love, but I haven’t experimented much with wigs or characters in videos, but when I bought a $2 wig on clearance after Halloween, I decided to embrace my inner goth. I filmed a few videos in this get-up, and I fucking loved it. Something about the wig and makeup brought out an aloof, moody side of me that was simmering with sex, and it sold better than I expected! The wig is questionable (I tried to DIY the haircut on it…I failed), but it inspired me and in 2018 you should keep an eye out for some different looks in my kinky clips.
  3. First Solo Pump Belly Inflation: I’ve been waiting to make this video since September 2016. My first belly inflation was filmed with Sophia Sylvan (Belly Inflation Instruction), and while it was a lot of fun, her experience in angles and lighting to properly show off the size difference and the actual inflation process was what really set that video up for success. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to adequately capture the inflation and resulting swollen belly on my own (I am very very pale and I have white walls, which can make lighting videos somewhat challenging.) So the aquarium pump sat in a box for nearly a year until I decided to just give it a try. The worst that could happen was a bunch of useless footage, and I have dozens of folders full of that, so it’s nothing new! The resulting video was pretty damned good (if I do say so myself) and I’m looking forward to incorporating more roleplay and some interesting scenarios into body inflation videos in 2018!
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Changes to Snapchat Prices in 2018

In 2017 I welcomed 72 new lifetime premium snapchat subscribers, and 107 people tested the waters with a 48 hour trial. I had my promo snapchat deleted, and tried 4 different methods for maintaining my premium snapchat, ultimately settling on moving it to a completely separate account. I also tracked how much time I spent on snapping by choosing 1 week each month to log my time. Oh, and I got a new phone at some point (March, maybe?). With all of that in mind, I’ve decided to adjust my premium pricing and subscription options to better reflect the services I offer and the time I spend on it.

In other words, the price is going up on January 5, so if you were considering lifetime, NOW is the time to buy it. I’ll be grandfathering in everyone who buys my premium lifetime prior to the price change, so save a shit ton of money and buy it now.

Curious about what you’re getting? I have a Pornhub compilation video of some of the content that has been posted on my premium snapchat this year. I post naked sexy stuff 6 days per week, with 5 of those days being new content. I post a minimum of 20 snaps each time, and do all sorts of stuff from random nude photos to cum shows to behind-the-scenes on filming days to previews of upcoming videos. I love messaging with my premiums whenever I get some free time, and dick pics are always welcome 😉

48 hour trial $4.99 $5.00
Lifetime $29.99 $30.00
1 week trial $9.99 $7.99
1 year $49.99 $39.99
Lifetime $149.99 $119.99

So if you’ve been thinking of upgrading from my censored free snap (katychurchill88 if you haven’t followed me already), there’s no time like the present to treat yourself!

Manyvids – 48 Hour Trial
Manyvids – Lifetime

My Site – 48 Hour Trial & Lifetime

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Meet Olivia Rose!

Who she is: Olivia is a fetish and femdom camgirl and content creator. She films her own content and also shoots with other models and producers. She specializes in detailed fetish work, and is experienced in so many different niches that she’s almost a fetish encyclopedia at this point. She also films some incredible female domination content for subs from beginner to advanced levels of service.

Why I chose her: I freaking love Olivia’s fetish work. Her exploration of the same fetish from different angles and focuses has inspired me to re-visit niches I thought I had exhausted to find fresh and creative approaches for new videos. Olivia’s ability to completely take on a role in a video is some seriously Oscar-level shit, and the way she both controls and cares for her subs through the freaking screen is something I aspire to one day emulate in my own femdom content. 

Where to find her:

  1. On Twitter @OliviaRoseXXX
  2. On Instagram @OliviaRoseXXX
  3. On Snapchat @TheRealOliviaR
  4. On IWantClips
  5. On ManyVids
  6. On her website



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Meet Ivy Davenport!

Who she is: Ivy is the stuff of legend! She produces creative, kinky porn both solo and with a variety of babes of all shapes and sizes, maintaining several different sites with unique content. She’s a SSBBW feedee/gainer with an addiction to mayo and men who buy her nuggets.

Why I chose her: Ivy is a hilariously funny stoner babe with buckets of sass. She is lighthearted and fun, but is also a professional in an industry full of flakes. She produces consistently top-selling content that is always fresh and fascinating. Ivy lifts everyone around her, and I admire her for the way she works with other models’ strengths to create amazing videos. Her vintage kitsch and creepy aesthetic is also right up my alley, and I love the peeks at her house that she shows on Snapchat.

Where to find her:

  1. On Twitter @HotFattyGirl
  2. On Snapchat @HotFattyGirl
  3. On Ivy & Friends
  4. In “Orange is the New Fat”
  5. On her website



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Katy’s Email List

I love keeping my friends up to date on what I've been doing. Emails include special show information, deals on custom content and videos, and other fun stuff. I never share your information with anyone, not even in exchange for money :) You can unsubscribe at any time.

Katy’s Tweets