Natasha Salad: Scale Bustin’ Babe!

Natasha Salad boobs

I have a BBW I’d like you to meet: Natasha Natasha Salad boobsSalad. She is a real porn star, having shot a pro BJ scene for the “Scale Bustin’ Babes” series, so you know she gives good head! Natasha and I met through the magical internet place that is Twitter, and when I was in Seattle in September we met in the magical booze place that is a bar! And I can confirm that in person her skin is just as milky white and her hair is as raven black as it is in pics. This red-faced brunette was (and is) jealous as fuck.

I don’t even know where to start to explain why Natasha is so fucking awesome. She is a voluptuous stoner babe who is laid back and super chill about stuff. She drinks beer and says things that make you stop and think, even if you aren’t high. She wraps Christmas lights around dildos. Natasha Salad is a big beautiful woman with a thick  bush and fabulously hairy armpits. She is snarky and sarcastic and as funny as Natasha Salad hairy armpitanyone I know. Her eyeliner is always so perfect that it makes more than just my eyes green with envy.

Like me, Natasha is big into roleplay and cam-to-cam sessions, though she kicks my ass when it comes to smothering. There is just something about her giant boobs (bigger than a K cup, y’all) coming towards the camera that drives men wild. Her big ass could easily crush me, and she’s a smother fetish superstar with her belly, too! Natasha Salad stoner babe

Natasha Salad took some time off cam for a while, but she is back on Streamate regularly these days. And a little birdie told me that she has been taking custom video orders and will also be selling regular videos soon, so make sure you follow her on Twitter for all the details! Make sure to tell her Katy sent you, so that next time we meet, drinks are on her 🙂



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Pantyhose Fetish with Amy Paige (Guest Blog)

pantyhose fetish legs

pantyhose fetish camgirlMILF camgirl Amy Paige is known for her long legs and her experience in pantyhose fetish. While I find pantyhose and stockings sexy and sensual, and have made several videos where I get naughty in nylons, Amy takes it to an entirely different level. She answers phone sex calls, offers Skype shows, and has videos for sale on her Niteflirt profile…many of which feature stockings and pantyhose! Amy has spent years delving deeply into the world of stockings and pantyhose fetish, and she has come to some interesting conclusions about her own personal attraction to nylons, but I’ll let her tell you in her own words!

I was stuck writing this blog post about pantyhose fetish for a long time, unable to come up with a fresh outlook on the love for nylon that I’ve had for so long. Then I realized, it is the very classic, nostalgically-sensual, Film Noir aspect of pantyhose and stockings that is the allure. How many old Hollywood films have back-lit scenes with the actress adjusting her stocking top, or the POV is on sheer pantyhose covered legs? Lots and lots. The scene places that actress, that woman in your mind as an object of desire. Nylon enhances the beauty of the feminine legs, similar to a suntan but in a purposeful way. The act of wearing pantyhose or stockings is a deliberate one, a way to conceal and reveal at the same time. Sheer pantyhose catches the light and shimmers down the legs almost magically.

The tactile aspect of nylon takes you further and deeper than the visual which draws you in. Soft and somewhat fragile, that thin shield between skin and the world, barely there yet always making one aware of its existence. Pantyhose feels like foreplay. When used during foreplay, when touched, stretched, pulled down or removed, rubbed against another also wearing pantyhose, nylon is sex.

Wearing pantyhose is just the beginning of our experience together. Fully dressed from lingerie, nylons, skirt, blouse and high heels to being nude except for the thinnest wisp of stockings, the variety in which nylon can be used for eroticism is vast. I may dominate you with my black tights stretched out over a highly-arched foot, lean over and make you worship my nylon-encased ass. We may toy with this side of vanilla sex with a dollop of sheer-to-waist suntan pantyhose on top to make things a bit more interesting, the sensation of pantyhose increasing our excitement, literally climaxing with the pantyhose pulled down. One of my favorite videos is the series of me as an office assistant being dominated by my boss who insists that I adhere to the dress code including pantyhose andthen makes me perform sexually in front of him. The possibilities of pantyhose-stocking fetish are endlessly fascinating and I find that experimenting with them both rewarding and orgasmic.
pantyhose fetish legs


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Great phone sex: 3 tips to get some!

great phone sex

People keep saying that phone sex is dead, killed by the proliferation of free porn videos and cam sites. I beg to differ! I take phone sex calls 4 to 5 days each week on Niteflirt, and new guys call all the time. The 3 free minutes you get as a new caller undoubtedly helps, but there are definite perks to phone sex that cam sites just don’t have…including not needing to be near a computer and not having to type one-handed! If you’re new to phone sex, though, there are a few tips that will help you get some seriously great phone sex at the first number you call.

  1. Know what you want Even the hottest, naughtiest phone sex lady can’t blow your mind if you don’t know what you want. We’re dirty talkers, not mind readers! Before you dial, have 1 or 2 things in mind to give her (or him) an idea of what you’re looking for. Into anal? Bring it up at the start! Love blowjobs? Ask her to tell you all about how she’d suck your cock. If you don’t tell me what you want, your chances of getting it are pretty low! As an experienced phone sex operator I’m pretty good at taking what you ask for and spinning it into something new and different, but you do need to provide me with a jumping-off point. Great phone sex relies on you…but also on who you call!
  2. Check the listings I’m going to tell you a tip-top secret about Niteflirt: the listings on the front page are not necessarily the “best of the best”. Niteflirt allows operators to pay for advertising to get on that front page, so don’t automatically assume that you’ll get great phone sex by dialing a lady in the top row. Take a minute to read their listing, or better yet, click into the categories on the left-hand side to find someone who specializes in the kind of call you’re looking for. There’s a reason we spend time working on our listings, and it’s not because we love HTML! A good listing will describe the operator’s experience and skills, have photos (pro tip: if she has a “Phone With Cam” listing under her profile, you know the photos are real), and give you a feel for her style.
  3. Speak up Don’t mumble. Don’t whisper. If you are somewhere that you really can’t speak at a normal volume, it’s not the right place for phone sex. If I can’t hear what you’re saying, I can’t properly include you in the fantasy, and one-sided phone sex isn’t what I’d call great phone sex. Speaker phone seems like a great idea because it leaves you with 2 hands for fun crotch play time, but it can make it really hard to hear what you’re saying. Ideally use a headset or keep the phone close to your head if you go hands-free. And if you can’t hear me, let me know! Just like your sexual turn-ons, I’m not a voice volume mind reader.

When you know what you like, you’ve picked the right person to call, and we can both hear each other is when great phone sex happens. And when great phone sex happens, awesome orgasms are sure to follow!

Call KatyChurchill for phone sex on

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Last Week in Clips: Anal, Homewrecker, Financial Domination, and more!

There’s new videos up all over the internet, and this week I’m a very, very bad girl! I posted…

Two Part Fart
First I fart in my sexy stockings and garter, my big round ass pointing right at you. After farting like that for a few minutes, I decide to sit on your face, POV style. Can you handle my loud, stinky farts right up close?
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Schoolgirl Anal
My big, round ass so perfectly fills out my short kilt, I know you’ve noticed. No matter how far I undo my shirt, you can’t take your eyes off my perfect booty. Did you know that my hairy bush goes all the way around the back? Let me spread my fat butt cheeks to show you my tight hairy asshole. Want to fuck it? I love anal!
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Your Money is Mine
I have expensive tastes. Women like me do. That’s why we talk to men like you…because you pay the bills. What, you didn’t think I paid you any attention for your lame jokes and pudgy body, did you? Your money is my money. From the moment it hits your bank account, it is earmarked for me. You know it is, so why do you waste my time “considering your options”? Give me the fucking dollars, piggy. Prove your useless carcass to have a purpose. Pay me.
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In Your Wife’s Bed
We’ve been fucking behind your wif’e’s back for so long now, but there is still one place we haven’t done it. I want to have sex in the bed you share with your wife! I want her lying where we fucked. Will you do it? Fuck me in your wife’s bed?
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Friday 5: Black Friday Deals

Looking for some great Black Friday deals? I’ve got a few that you should definitely check out! Deals on videos, gifts with shows, sex toy savings…it’s all here!Black Friday Deals at Tantus

  1. Save 50% on videos, my premium Snapchat, and more: Use the promo code “Kat4338” to save 50% on all videos and store items at Code expires at 11:30pm Pacific time on Monday November 28.
  2. Get a FREE video when you do a Skype show (10 or more minutes) with me this weekend: I will be online Friday afternoon, and all day Saturday and Sunday. It’s a sexy dildo BJ and fucking video that won’t be available to buy until December. Deal available on shows paid for on Niteflirt, Cammodel Directory, Live Cammodel Shows, and SkyPrivate.
  3. Save 40% on Tantus toys: Use the promo code “BLACKFRIDAY” to save 40% on Tantus sex toys. I use these high quality silicone toys all the time (my BBC and pink dildos are both Tantus), and I fucking love them. Their dildos with handles are great for anal play…no more hand cramps and awkward angles! Code expires at Snapchat-katy-churchillmidnight on Monday November 28.
  4. Save 15% at Lovehoney when you spend $40: Use the promo code “FRIFUN16US” to save 15% on your Lovehoney purchase. My glass dildo and strap-on are their in-house brand, and we all know how much I love that sleek glass toy 😉 Code expires at midnight on Wednesday November 30. They also have a lot of other great Black Friday deals, so check it out.
  5. Follow my FREE Snapchat: It’s always free to follow my teaser account (katy88churchill), but Friday is a good day to have some frisky fun and hang out with me!
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Friday 5: Things I do every day

There are a few things I do just about every day. You know, shower, masturbate, post naked pictures on mygrumpy-bird premium Snapchat (follow my free story: katy88churchill). But here are some things I do that you can do, too! Or, you know, just read about why I do them and feel like you’ve been spying on me or something. It’s cool, I totally saw you and
didn’t even care.

  1. Brew some coffee My day can’t start without caffeine. I load up the filter, water, and grounds the night before so that when my alarm goes off I can stagger into the kitchen and just press “ON”. Right now I am obsessed with Kicking Horse Coffee, especially their “454 Horse Power” roast. “Kick Ass” is a close second, and while “Grizzly Claw” is also called a dark roast, I personally find it doesn’t quite back the same kick-in-the-sleepy-pants punch that the other two do. If it’s a lazy day, I keep a bag of “Three Sisters” around for a nice brunch accompaniment. Yes, I have a calmer roast just hanging around. I’m weird like that.
  2. Watch last night’s The Daily Show With whatever weird cable package I have, the only channel that shows The Daily Show plays it at…12:05am. I am in bed and out cold by 10pm (Pacific) so I record it and watch it the next morning. Usually I slump on the couch with the cat and watch it while I wait for my oatmeal to finish in the microwave and the coffee to finish brewing. At the first commercial break I sneak a cup from the coffee pot…that first cup is usually so strong that by the second commercial break I am sitting up straight.
  3. Log into Habitica It’s no secret, I have a lot going on. I cam, take phone sex calls, film videos, shoot photo sets, blog, write articles about the sex industry, and have some non-adult business things I’m working on, too. I used to use paper to-do lists, but I have a horrible habit of winding up with 7 or 8 lists on the go, not to mention losing them. Another camgirl suggested I try Habitica, and it made a huge difference for me. It’s a way to gamify your to-do list. I keep everything in one place, I’ve got the app on my phone so my list is with me everywhere, and I get points and battle monsters and get funny little pet animal thingies. There’s a learning curve when you first start, but if you’re motivated by getting points and gaining levels, it might work for you!
  4. Watch Good Mythical Morning Once upon a time, YouTube told me that I needed to watch this series. That was well over a year ago, and I still watch 6 mornings a week (there is no episode on Sundays). It’s sort of hard to explain what it’s like…but this one is my favourite of all the episodes of all time and every time I watch it I laugh so hard I can’t breathe.
  5. Read The Hustle I have a subscription to a ridiculous number of email newsletters. This is the only one I actually read every day. They summarize what’s new in tech and entrepreneurship and business news in a snarky, pithy way that is totally up my alley. All of the links are there for reference if you want to read more, too, which is nice because it is pretty irritating when a newsletter only links to their own damn blog post about it and not the primary source, amirite? I personally find that the stories they choose aren’t the same as the ones the other newsletters hit on, but depending on your own personal subscriptions, ymmv. The Hustle usually hits my inbox after I’ve logged on for Skype shows, so I read it when I have a lull in shows. It’s a nice break, kind of like my morning coffee break with my smartest, bitchiest friend in the office.

So now you can put down your binoculars, perv: you know what I do every morning so you can stop being a creep and get on with your life. I mean, unless you have pizza. If you have pizza, come on up, let’s pop that baby in the microwave and eat the breakfast of champions together!


There is one sort-of-affiliate link in this post: The Hustle gives me points if someone signs up for their newsletter. Get enough points and I can get a T-shirt. It is basically a shitty affiliate program, but I fucking love their daily email, so I wanted to share it with you, and hey, who turns down a free T-shirt? 

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Last Week in Clips: Blowjob Confessions, Smoking, Anal, and more!

For the first time you can buy my videos in 4 different places! Read on to find out about the 5 videos I released this week. And no, the baseball GIF isn’t broken…I can’t find the GIF so you have to settle for just the one picture.

Blowing the Baseball Team
Let me tell you a secret…I can be a major league cock-sucker. Listen to the story of how I sucked off an entire (and very willing) baseball team. I strip down to naked to show you how I sucked big dicks, small dicks, white cocks, black cocks, and every colour in between. Did you know I was such a cum slut? Now you do!
Buy it on Clips4Sale
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Candy Overload
I gobbled down too much Halloween candy…I’m positively stuffed! I try to wash it down with some soda, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a terrible tummy ache. I just can’t help but stuff my fat face whenever there is yummy candy around!
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Double Delight
I push my little black toy into my ass while I play with my pussy, fingering my hard little clit. Before long I decide that I want more! I love double penetration, so I lick my favourite pink dildo and slide it into my wet hairy pussy. I fuck my pussy hard and fast until I cum hard, then I lick my dildo clean, leaving my ass still full of my anal toy.
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My Shoe Fetish
I have a shoe fetish…and I don’t mean that the way girls usually do, referring to having a large shoe collection. I mean that shoes turn me on, and that I like to do dirty things with them. I talk about my fetish, what I like to do with shoes, and give you a peek at the way I like to play! (contains footage from the videos ”Sexy Shoe Fuck” and ”Secretary’s Sadistic Shoe Fuck”)
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Smoking on Top
I suck on a sweet, fragrant cigarillo while I ride your dick. Watch my belly and boobs bounce as I fuck you POV-style, smoking the entire time. I tease you with my smoke, blowing it in your face a few times. I cum hard, and after I drain your balls I lie down next to you to finish off my smoke.
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Friday 5: Sexy Snapchat Hotties of November

I don’t just follow my premium subscribers on Snapchat…I follow hot ladies, too! I am not immune to the temptation of watching my favourite snappers’ stories over and over, so I thought I should share them with you! All of these lovely ladies have free Snapchat accounts, but as with everything in life, they keep the really juicy stuff for paying customers. Take a taste of all of them…I bet you’ll be back for seconds!

1. Jessica Jade A Canadian cutie, Jessica Jade is…well. You need to get some of her in your life! She’s a ray of sunshine in a cold November, and she’s hot enough to melt the mountains of snow you’ll be shoveling this winter! Her teasing, sexy Snapchat photos and videos in lingerie are just what you need to put a smile on your face in the morning. Follow her on Twitter to find out more about her sexy cam show options.

2. Cara Montgomery If Cara is your typical housewife, I’ll be walking down the aisle ASAP! I found out about this smart, sensual camgirl when she shot with Amber Lily, and she has been a great discovery. She loves football, is gorgeous as anything, and her sweet and sassy personality makes me smile every time I open her snaps. She is a master of the tease, as her sexy Snapchat proves over and over again on a daily basis. Her Twitter is also full of news on her latest cam show schedule and video previews, so don’t forget to give her a follow!

3. Rose Black I have such a fetish crush on Rose! Her Clips4Sale store was one of the 10 or so I bookmarked when I was just starting out as inspiration. No, not to copy her, but because I loved the way she had the confidence and range to tackle different fetishes while staying authentic and consistently putting out high quality videos. (Find links to her videos and more on her Twitter.) When I found out that she was on Snapchat, I jumped all over it, and it is so, so very worth it. She’s kinky and creative and cute and funny and more. Did I mention I kind of love her?

4. Kristi Maxx Rose Black said she was shooting with Kristi Maxx, so I googled her…and DAMN. How did I not already know about her?! I feel like I was living under a rock or something. Kristi is funny as fuck (I once accidentally sent her nudes intended for my premium guys and her response to my apology made me smile for the rest of the day), smart as hell (she is a webmaster with some serious tech skills), and as sexy a woman as you will find anywhere. Those boobs…I just want to snuggle up in them, you know? Her Twitter is full of fun, sexy stuff to get even more Kristi in your day!

5. Pirate Booty No joke, this girl got her name from her booty…her pirate booty. It’s hard to explain, but X marks the spot on her perfectly round ass! Her sexy Snapchat is a daily stream of tempting teasing, and when she starts to milk her nipples your dick will go green envying her premium subscribers. I heard a rumor that the promo code “booty” will get you a deal on one of those subscriptions through her site.

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How to get my fetish videos


**Updated 11/05/16 with IWC information.

Clips4Sale used to be the only real option for selling fetish videos. Although I have stubbornly refused to admit it until now, that has changed. You guys have been asking me to branch out from posting my fetish videos mainly on C4S, and to include other sites. Well, I’m finally listening!

Starting today, every video I make will be uploaded to 4 sites: Clips4Sale, ManyVids, IWantClips, and Niteflirt. Each site has different rules, so some videos may not be available on every site, but most of them should be fine. Videos will go live on C4S and ManyVids first, then they will be available on Niteflirt and IWantClips the following day. Niteflirt is a bit of a strange beast because I am (very) limited in storage space for videos, so I’ll be making the videos there 720p and will be splitting them across two separate accounts–my main account and a female domination-focused account.

Before you ask…no, I will not be uploading my back catalog to ManyVids, IWantClips, and Niteflirt at this time. The thought of re-listing 500-odd videos to 3 sites sends me running to the recycle for a paper bag, so that’s something that just isn’t going to happen right now. Whatever is there now is where we’re starting from.

Producing 7 quality videos each week has been tough for me to juggle with time on cam and the whole “life outside work” thin, so I’ve decided to focus on putting out 5 new videos each week instead. They will post Wednesday-Sunday on Clips4Sale and ManyVids and Thursday-Monday on Niteflirt and IWantClips. As a result, my weekly “This Week in Clips” roundup blog post will move from its current home on Sunday nights to Mondays, and will get renamed “Last Week in Clips”. Earth-shattering, I know! It will also feature links to all of the places you can buy the videos, too–not just C4S links.

Thank you to those of you who have bought my videos in the past…I’m proud that you chose me to stroke it to! xxKC

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Niteflirt Favorite Diane Callaway

There are a lot of talented, dedicated, sexy phone sex operators on Niteflirt. The best are not always the ones who have been around the longest, but there is something to be said for longevity. Diane Callaway is a longtime Flirt, and her experience shows in every call you make. The Southern girl next door will blow your mind (and your load) every time. Don’t believe me? Give her a call. New to Niteflirt callers get 3 free minutes automatically added to their account. You can thank me when you get your breath back.

Call Diane Callaway for phone sex on
Find out more about Diane Callaway on Niteflirt below (including hot photos)!
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