Meet Sammi Ross!

Who she is: Sammi is a camgirl, phone sex operator, and fetish filmmaker. She’s a fitness buff, and one of her specialties is her popular nude workout videos, including naked yoga! She also has a substantial number of videos in the tickling and smoking niches, and films a lot of custom videos. She’s a Florida girl, and regularly shoots with other models in the state, though she also travels to conventions fairly frequently.

Why I chose her: I love that Sammi is always up to something. I’m a total homebody (and lazy AF, don’t forget!), and my Snapchat reflects that, so I live vicariously through Sammi! She’s always at the gym, meal prepping delicious healthy food, going to the spa, taking higher ed courses, going to her yoga teacher training, working at a radio station, stopping off at her favourite happy hour bar…she never seems to sit still! Honestly, I don’t know when she sleeps. On top of everything else, she cams and sexts and films custom videos all the time. She never sits back on that tight, toned ass of hers and coasts on what she’s already done. Sammi never stops working on herself and going after what she wants, and that’s inspiring as hell.





Where to find her:

  1. On Twitter @MsSammiRoss
  2. On Instagram @MsSammiRoss
  3. On Snapchat @MsSammiRoss
  4. On Streamate
  5. On her website
  6. On OnlyFans
  7. On Sext Panther
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Meet Ma’am Malice!

Who she is: Ma’am Malice is a UK-based professional domme who offers sessions both in person and online, and she makes videos as well. She’s a sadist who loves ball-busting, squashing, and financial domination. Her wardrobe is full of latex and fetish wear, and to say she’s “kinky” almost feels like an understatement. Between her voice, her mind, and her body, she will crush you until there is nothing left. If you want a BBW domme who lives the lifestyle, Ma’am Malice is for you.

Why I chose her: I first found Ma’am Malice through The BBW Bible and immediately followed her. I thought she was funny and smart, but figured she was a bit out of my league. Her style of domination is the complete opposite of mine, but I found myself drawn in by her approachable manner, and the fact that she has no problem having a laugh with her followers and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s not just a pro domme, she’s a person as well, and I love that she doesn’t 

see those 2 roles as incompatible. I am not ashamed to admit that I had very sweaty hands when I asked if I could include her in the calendar, and was thrilled when she said yes!

Where to find her:

  1. On Twitter @MaamMalice
  2. On AdultWork
  3. On ManyVids



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Meet Lexxi Marie!


Who she is: Lexxi has been a camgirl for just over a year now (her cammiversary was November 29!), and she is starting to branch out into filming videos as well. She works on Chaturbate, does custom videos, and has a premium Snapchat, as well as exclusive XXX content on OnlyFans. She’s a curvy, 420-friendly girl next door with a very naughty side!

Why I chose her: I love watching new models learn and grow. Seeing Lexxi settle into camming and find her niche has given me all the warm fuzzies, and I love her open approach to the industry. Lexxi is a hard worker, she’s creative and ambitious, and she also happens to be funny as hell. I met her through Snapchat, and she’s a bit like me–that same genuine, authentic, girl next door vibe with no filter needed!




Where to find her:

  1. On Twitter @mzlexximarie
  2. On Snapchat @mzlexximarie
  3. On Chaturbate
  4. On OnlyFans
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Meet Aerie!

Who she is: Aerie is a cammodel who mainly works on Streamate, as well as filming amateur porn videos. She’s social media goals–I mean, she’s done Snapchat takeovers for PornHub and YouPorn, so you know she’s serious! She has made lots of boy-girl and girl-girl content, and is expanding her fetish video catalogue as she moves into more content creation.

Why I chose her: As I mentioned earlier, Aerie has an incredible social media presence, and I first got to know her through Snapchat. I had seen her on Streamate (usually near the top of page 1!), but I didn’t know much about her beyond how hot she is. She’s very down-to-earth, the hot girl next door, and she has the most adorable dogs. I love watching models move from strictly “vanilla” content into the fun and fabulous world of fetishes, and I think Aerie has a lot more to offer in the future.



Where to find her:

  1. On Twitter @aerie_sm
  2. On Instagram @aerie_sm
  3. On Snapchat @aerieTV
  4. On her website
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Meet Molly Silver!

Who she is: Molly Silver is a camgirl, phone sex operator, and fetish filmmaker. She’s an industry veteran, with a lengthy back catalogue of kinky fetish videos and amateur pornography. She focuses most of her time on content creation these days, but you can still find her answering the phone regularly, and she occasionally hops on cam for some fetish and femdom fun. Molly specializes in MILF taboo roleplay and domme content, in addition to a variety of fetishes.

Why I chose her: I met Molly through a mutual camgirl friend, and I have known her for over 2 years now. She’s a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge about her favourite fetishes, and she is a model who believes that a rising tide lifts all boats–she isn’t cut-throat competitive, and is supportive of other models. Outside of sex work, Molly is intelligent and articulate, and she always seems to be working on something related to ecology or aquariums, her two non-kinky passions.

Where to find her: 

  1. On Twitter @molly_silver
  2. On Instagram @mollysilverindustries
  3. On Clips4Sale
  4. On her website
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Black Friday Deals & Steals, Nov. 24-27 2017

Black Friday is almost here, and that means it’s time for my annual Deals & Steals! Last year it was Black Fuckday and involved Skype discounts, but this year from November 24-27 I’m offering specials on Skype shows, videos, and my premium snapchat subscriptions! I made some sexy graphics to explain it all, but links and the details are down below, too.


Yes, you are totally reading that right! All of my videos on Manyvids are buy one, get one free! Free video has to be of equal or lesser value and all that jazz, but there is no limit to the number of free videos per person. Want 10 free videos? Choose 10 to buy!

HOW IT WORKS: Add one (or however many you will be paying for) videos to your cart on Manyvids, and check out as normal. After your transaction is complete, send me an MV Message telling me which video(s) you would like for free! I’ll verify your transaction (super easy for me, and you don’t have to send me any info) and then message you back with an MV link to download your free video(s)! Please be patient–I anticipate higher than usual sales this weekend, so it could take up to 24 hours to receive your free video.





I’m also offering one free video with all Skype shows 10 minutes or longer! I’ve filmed 2 exclusive videos for this promotion, so you can choose a domme video (includes jerk off instructions, jerk off encouragement, light SPH, light name-calling, ass worship, and a cum countdown) or a solo masturbation video (includes butt plug, vibrator, and a great orgasm). You can’t get these videos anywhere else!

HOW IT WORKS: Do a Skype show with me through my page, Manyvids, Cammodel Directory, or NiteFlirt, and at the end of any show 10 minutes or longer, I’ll ask you which video you want! I’ll send you a download link immediately, either directly on Skype or via email if you prefer.




And finally, my Lifetime Premium Snapchat is 50% off with a free video! My Snapchat is regularly $29.99 lifetime on Manyvids, but the prices will be going up as of January 1, 2018. This is the last time I will be offering it on sale in 2017, and when you buy it at the $14.99 reduced rate during this sale, I’ll also let you choose 1 of 2 exclusive videos for free! You can choose between a domme video and a solo masturbation video (see above for descriptions).

HOW IT WORKS: Purchase my discounted Lifetime Premium Snapchat item in my Manyvids store, then send me an MV Message with your Snapchat ID and which video you want to get. I’ll add you to my premium story and message you back with an MV link to download your free video! Please be patient–I anticipate higher than usual sales this weekend, so it could take up to 24 hours to be added to my snap and receive your free video.

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I’m on YouTube!

Once upon a time I made a YouTube channel. No, not the baseball one that I never post to anymore, this other one. And sometimes people even watch my videos! Not sold on subscribing yet? Let me give you a peek at what I’ll be posting in the next little while.

“Awkward Sex” Series: I was mistaken for an escort. We fell out of a truck. Someone took a twin prank too far. My butt defeated a bathroom counter. I wish I was making these stories up, but my life really is like this! I made a list. It’s a lot longer than I thought it would be when I started it.

“How To Sexy” Series: Sharing your fetish with your partner. Asking for what you want in a sexy time encounter. Giving a shy/insecure partner a confidence boost (without adding pressure). Getting what you want/need (without being an asshole). Deciding when it is “the right time”.

Other Stuff: Body image/creating confidence. FAQs. What I actually do in a day.

Videos come out on Mondays (usually…sometimes Tuesdays), so make sure you subscribe now so you don’t miss any videos! For now, though, find out all about the first time my university roommate ever saw a naked man:

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Last Week in Clips: Farting, roleplay, pantyhose, and more!

There’s new videos up all over the internet, and this week 5 of them are mine! I did some YouTube stuff, too, but that’s a whole other blog post coming soon. In terms of sexy stuff, I posted…

My Itchy, Stinky Feet

My feet smell terrible, and they’re so itchy! I kick off my shoes and scratch each foot with the other. I talk about the embarassing times people have smelled my stinky feet or caught me scratching my toes. Finally I take off my smelly socks to show you how much foot powder I have on!

Farting Orgasm

I start to fart as I take off my clothes. The smell excites me, and I start to touch my hairy pussy. I keep farting as I masturbate, first with my fingers, and then with a vibrator until I finally cum!

Pantyhose Masturbation Encouragement

Listen to the sound that my sexy sheer pantyhose makes as my legs rub against one another. I tempt and tease you with my pantyhose as I take off first my dress, then my shoes and bra, until all that I’m wearing is that smooth, diaphanous material. I run my hands along my legs, crotch, and ass as I encourage you to stroke your dick for me. Where do I want you to cum? All over my ass, of course! I give you a nice big target to hit. Cum on my pantyhose…

Collecting Cop Cum

You caught me providing sexual services, officer, but I know you won’t arrest me. Come in, sit down, and relax. Let me tempt you into staying for awhile. Just let it happen…and once you do, just like all the other men, I’ll have all the “evidence” I need to keep you under my thumb.

BBW Boob Lotion

The skin on my boobs needs a little lotion loving. I massage in a generous amount of cream, moaning as I tease and squeeze my lovely all-natural 38D tatas!

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New Boy-Girl Videos Now Available!

(To be sung to the tune of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”)
I fucked a guy
And we filmed it
Big thick dick in all my holes.
I fucked a guy
For the camera
I think you’ll love the footage.
It felt so good
It made me cum
Just wait until you see it.
I fucked a guy
And we filmed it
We filmed it…

Yes, we filmed all of the sexy times! It was a lot of fun, Sessions (he goes by his last name) is a really cool guy, very laid back and chill, so we hung out and chatted before and after filming. We had great sexual chemistry too (as you can see in the “Fuck Me” video, he made me cum more than once) and the videos came out really well! Check out the GIFs along with links to buy the videos on Clips4Sale, Manyvids, and Niteflirt. And just for reading my blog, I’ve got a special treat for you: a discount code! Get 25% off any of my videos on Manyvids from now until the end of April with promo code Kat3985

Fuck Me & Give Me a Facial
Buy it on Manyvids
Buy it on Clips4Sale
Buy it on Niteflirt
Big Butt Plowed by 8 Inches
Buy it on Manyvids
Buy it on Clips4Sale
Buy it on Niteflirt
Jerking Him Off With My Feet
Buy it on Manyvids
Buy it on Clips4Sale
Buy it on Niteflirt
BehindTheScenes: Premium B/G Snaps
Buy it on Manyvids
Buy it on Clips4Sale
Buy it on Niteflirt
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Upcoming Boy-Girl Video Shoot!

This time next week I’ll have real live dick in my mouth! This isn’t really news, but this time I’ll be filming it for you! This is no April Fool’s gag, it’s actually happening on April 8, and I am really excited to be working with some nice cock on camera. We have a full day of shooting planned (3 to 5 videos, 15 minutes each). I’m offering all of the content plus behind-the-scenes access for pre-order up until the end of the day on April 7. The package is $74.99 at Manyvids.


  1. All of the videos we shoot that day, whether it is 3 or all 5. Each video will be sold for $30+ individually, minimum $90 value here!
  2. Get the videos before anyone else, all videos will be sent to pre-orders the week of April 10.
  3. Access to my premium Snapchat from date of purchase until the end of the day on April 9 to see live behind-the-scenes action on filming day.
  4. An archive video of all the behind-the-scenes snaps as well as bonus photos and bloopers.

Prefer to wait to buy? The first video will be available the week of April 17 and I’ll release one video each week after that. Videos will be priced at $2 per minute.

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