This Week in Clips: Dirty anal, lots of farts, gaining weight, and more!

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There’s brand spanking new videos available at my Clips4Sale store, and this week I put up a hot girl-girl gasmask fart torture video! And if you like taboo, you’ll love “Mommy Helps You” for some hot mom/son JOI action. This week I posted…

Why I Can’t Go To Yoga Class
I love yoga. I do yoga 3 or 4 times a week. Unlike most yoga fans, however, I can’t go to trendy (or even untrendy!) yoga studios to take classes. Why not? Because yoga makes me fart! All the bending and twisting squeezes every bit of bloating out of my belly, and tight yoga pants make my farts extra loud. I recorded some of my yoga sessions to show you just how loud and smelly yoga can make me!
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Getting Fatter: Daily Struggles
Gaining weight means getting bigger, and as my body has gotten bigger, some new challenges have come up. Things that I rarely thought about are suddenly difficult! And it’s not just the obvious things, like climbing one flight of stairs and needing to sit down to catch my breath or buying bigger clothes. This video talks about some of the little problems I’ve had and adjustments I’ve had to make to deal with gaining weight. A few of them include butt crack visibility, doggy style anal, painting my toenails, and chub rub.
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Mommy Helps You
Mommy just got home from the office, but when you tell her that your peepee is hard, she is ready to help you! She tells you what to do to make you feel good, stripping out of her shirt and bra to let you suckle her nipples just like you used to do. Mommy wraps her hand around your hard peepee and helps you stroke, then she teases you with her hairy pussy through her pantyhose. Finally, when you are very close to squirting your cum, Mommy peels down her nylons to show you where to cum on her pretty pink pussy. Mommy always helps you…it’s your little secret!
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Pantyhose Footjob
Let me stroke your cock with my sexy sheer tan pantyhose. I wrap my soles around your shaft and jerk your dick while teasing you with that sexy gusset covering my pussy. I tease you with my toes, wiggling them against you, up and down along your shaft. Will you blow your load all over my nylon covered feet?
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Knock Out Farts
Sophia warned me that her farts would put me out, but I didn’t believe her! I strap into a gas mask and put my breathing tube right up against her butt to make sure all of her poisonous gas goes straight into my lungs. She farts and farts, but I don’t feel anything…until…suddenly I start to feel dizzy and light-headed. Could it be true? Does Sophia really have knock out farts? I slowly slip away, and when I am finally out, she gives me a few last farts to keep me under. She mocks my limp arms and legs as she not only proved herself right but now she has control!
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Face Down, Ass Up
I slide my favourite glass toy between my ass cheeks and deep into my tight little asshole. I fuck that asshole for you, teasing and squeezing my ass until finally I’m ready to slowly slide it out…look how dirty it is!
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