This Week in Clips: Executrix, Hairy Bush, Pantyhose, and more!

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I put up a few custom video commissions this week (after editing to remove any names that were used). I’ve got a few more in the queue that I am looking forward to filming. I typically release custom videos for everyone else to buy 2-3 weeks after they are sent the the person who ordered them. If you’re interested in more info about getting your own custom fantasy fetish film, you can get the details here. This week I released…

Aunty’s Hairy Bush
Aunty Katy is going to rub her hairy bush, and she wants you to watch! Be a good boy and watch your aunty rub her hairy pussy until she has an orgasm!

Aunty’s Hairy Bush (MP4 HD)
Aunty’s Hairy Bush (WMV)

Brainwashed Blow Up Doll
“I’d like to see you turned into a robot while wearing your blue & black swimsuit. In the first few seconds just answer your phone and you hear a weird tone and its controlling your brain turning you into a robot. You look straight ahead with your arms at your sides standing straight. You start to speak in an empty monotone voice “I am a robot I must obey.” You start to touch your chest. “This robot is a sexdoll. I must obey my master.” Theres a beeping sound and you start to rub your pussy through your suit with a blank look on your face. “Yes master I will touch myself.” you touch yourself and theres another beeping sound and you walk robotically to the couch and sit down and say “Blow up Doll Mode activated.” You have your mouth open like an O shape with your arms straight at your sides with your legs spread and then you say “Please fuck me master.””

Brainwashed Blow Up Doll (MP4 HD)
Brainwashed Blow Up Doll (WMV)

Phone Smoke
Listen to my side of a phone sex call where I go to a bar and pick up a guy with a big thick dick to bring home to fuck. You and your little worm dick can stroke while I fuck a cock worth getting my pussy wet for! I make you get down on your knees and suck that cock clean of my pussy juices, too. I smoke throughout the call, with red lipstick and multiple cigarettes.
Wish you were on the other end of the call? Give me a ring!
Phone Smoke (MP4 HD)
Phone Smoke (WMV)

I Love My Pantyhose
After a long day in heels, my nylons are sweaty and smelly. I love wearing pantyhose so much, the silky sheer slippery feeling is so sensual and sexy. I love to slide one leg along the other, stroke my legs, and show off the curves of my calves and thighs in sheer black nylon. I rub my sore feet and prove I am wearing no panties by showing you my bush and butt through the pantyhose.
I Love My Pantyhose (MP4 HD)
I Love My Pantyhose (WMV)

Bathroom Business
A quicky video of a bathroom break. I pee, crack off a few farts, and take a dump. I have to grunt and strain to squeeze it out. I wipe myself and flush the toilet, leaving the room a bit stinky after a big smelly one!
Bathroom Business (MP4 HD)
Bathroom Business (WMV)

BBW: Bare Butt Walkingk
I walk away from the camera, then back towards the camera, down my long hallway. Barefoot, no makeup, all-natural. The camera is at ass level, so you see my big beautiful butt move away from you, then my hairy bush walk back towards you. Pale skin, thick thighs, curvy BBW body!
BBW: Bare Butt Walking (MP4 HD)
BBW: Bare Butt Walking (WMV)

Deadly Leather Lady
I sneak into your house and right into your bedroom, a hired assassin ready to fulfill my assignment. I pull on my leather gloves to match my leather jacket and PVC pants. You wake up before I can get to you, and I offer you the chance to beg for your life. Of course, no matter what you say, I’m not changing my mind. I don’t believe in second chances. Now, lie still while I press this pillow over your face to end you.
Deadly Leather Lady (MP4 HD)
Deadly Leather Lady (WMV)

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