Friday 5: A peek at my week

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Take a look at what I’ve been up to this week, a taste of what I get up to when the camera is turned off. Sometimes fun, sometimes weird, always me!

1. Listening to… Maddie & Tae’s “Girl In A Country Song”. I love country music (I did grow up riding horses in the Canadian West, after all), and this song just cracks me up. It’s about all the hilarious stereotypes of girls in country songs (and really in just about every music video). Oh, and it dresses men up the way girls are dressed in country videos. If you don’t laugh at the guy in the overall shorts…and the guy posing on the swing. I can’t even…!

2. Watching… every video on the “Ask A Mortician” YouTube channel. Bet you didn’t know I have a thing for death! (That’s the point of this blog, to get to know the weird stuff about me that doesn’t always come up when we’re talking dirty.) I’m a strange little “deathling”, and Caitlin Doughty made me feel not weird about being interested in death and dying and all that stuff. I’ve been mildly obsessed with her since her debut on YouTube 4 years ago. So I’m actually re-watching the videos. BUT STILL. This is her Happy 2016 New Year video. You’re welcome.

3. Reading… “The Game of Our Lives” by Peter Gzowski. I just started this book, but it involves hockey, and is considered a classic of the genre, so I’m sure I will love it. Oh, and not just hockey, but OILERS HOCKEY. During the glory days of the Gretzky years, too. A book about the Edmonton Oilers teams of legend, written by a Canadian legend. Possibly the most perfect Christmas gift.

4. Drinking… Red Racer Gingerhead Gingerbread Stout from Central City Brewers & Distillers. In case that name isn’t long enough for you, the tagline is “A Jeff O’Neil Show Exclusive Brew”. According to the logo on the side of the bottle, this is a show on “World Famous CFOX 99.3FM”. According to Google, CFOX is a modern rock radio station based here in Vancouver, BC. Cool. Other fun info on the bottle indicates that $1 from the purchase goes to BC food banks (asterisk: to a maximum of $10,000). Also cool! However, none of this is why I bought the beer. I impulse-bought it on a “Christmas Clearance” shelf near the cash register at the liquor store because it was the only one on the rack that had the magic words “Strong Stout” on it. A delicious dark beer with low carbonation, I enjoyed it a lot! It’s very reminiscent of the stouts I drank in many, many pubs in Ireland, with a smooth body and a lasting, light taste of malt and ginger at the finish. I wish I had bought 2 bottles, but I missed my chance. Worth keeping an eye out for next year!


5. Trying… to cut back on my Diet Coke consumption. So far I am failing. But at least I am failing while chugging back my favourite non-alcoholic beverage, so…there’s that.

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