Friday 5: Sexy Snapchat Hotties of November

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I don’t just follow my premium subscribers on Snapchat…I follow hot ladies, too! I am not immune to the temptation of watching my favourite snappers’ stories over and over, so I thought I should share them with you! All of these lovely ladies have free Snapchat accounts, but as with everything in life, they keep the really juicy stuff for paying customers. Take a taste of all of them…I bet you’ll be back for seconds!

1. Jessica Jade A Canadian cutie, Jessica Jade is…well. You need to get some of her in your life! She’s a ray of sunshine in a cold November, and she’s hot enough to melt the mountains of snow you’ll be shoveling this winter! Her teasing, sexy Snapchat photos and videos in lingerie are just what you need to put a smile on your face in the morning. Follow her on Twitter to find out more about her sexy cam show options.

2. Cara Montgomery If Cara is your typical housewife, I’ll be walking down the aisle ASAP! I found out about this smart, sensual camgirl when she shot with Amber Lily, and she has been a great discovery. She loves football, is gorgeous as anything, and her sweet and sassy personality makes me smile every time I open her snaps. She is a master of the tease, as her sexy Snapchat proves over and over again on a daily basis. Her Twitter is also full of news on her latest cam show schedule and video previews, so don’t forget to give her a follow!

3. Rose Black I have such a fetish crush on Rose! Her Clips4Sale store was one of the 10 or so I bookmarked when I was just starting out as inspiration. No, not to copy her, but because I loved the way she had the confidence and range to tackle different fetishes while staying authentic and consistently putting out high quality videos. (Find links to her videos and more on her Twitter.) When I found out that she was on Snapchat, I jumped all over it, and it is so, so very worth it. She’s kinky and creative and cute and funny and more. Did I mention I kind of love her?

4. Kristi Maxx Rose Black said she was shooting with Kristi Maxx, so I googled her…and DAMN. How did I not already know about her?! I feel like I was living under a rock or something. Kristi is funny as fuck (I once accidentally sent her nudes intended for my premium guys and her response to my apology made me smile for the rest of the day), smart as hell (she is a webmaster with some serious tech skills), and as sexy a woman as you will find anywhere. Those boobs…I just want to snuggle up in them, you know? Her Twitter is full of fun, sexy stuff to get even more Kristi in your day!

5. Pirate Booty No joke, this girl got her name from her booty…her pirate booty. It’s hard to explain, but X marks the spot on her perfectly round ass! Her sexy Snapchat is a daily stream of tempting teasing, and when she starts to milk her nipples your dick will go green envying her premium subscribers. I heard a rumor that the promo code “booty” will get you a deal on one of those subscriptions through her site.

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