Friday 5: Things I do every day

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There are a few things I do just about every day. You know, shower, masturbate, post naked pictures on mygrumpy-bird premium Snapchat (follow my free story: katy88churchill). But here are some things I do that you can do, too! Or, you know, just read about why I do them and feel like you’ve been spying on me or something. It’s cool, I totally saw you and
didn’t even care.

  1. Brew some coffee My day can’t start without caffeine. I load up the filter, water, and grounds the night before so that when my alarm goes off I can stagger into the kitchen and just press “ON”. Right now I am obsessed with Kicking Horse Coffee, especially their “454 Horse Power” roast. “Kick Ass” is a close second, and while “Grizzly Claw” is also called a dark roast, I personally find it doesn’t quite back the same kick-in-the-sleepy-pants punch that the other two do. If it’s a lazy day, I keep a bag of “Three Sisters” around for a nice brunch accompaniment. Yes, I have a calmer roast just hanging around. I’m weird like that.
  2. Watch last night’s The Daily Show With whatever weird cable package I have, the only channel that shows The Daily Show plays it at…12:05am. I am in bed and out cold by 10pm (Pacific) so I record it and watch it the next morning. Usually I slump on the couch with the cat and watch it while I wait for my oatmeal to finish in the microwave and the coffee to finish brewing. At the first commercial break I sneak a cup from the coffee pot…that first cup is usually so strong that by the second commercial break I am sitting up straight.
  3. Log into Habitica It’s no secret, I have a lot going on. I cam, take phone sex calls, film videos, shoot photo sets, blog, write articles about the sex industry, and have some non-adult business things I’m working on, too. I used to use paper to-do lists, but I have a horrible habit of winding up with 7 or 8 lists on the go, not to mention losing them. Another camgirl suggested I try Habitica, and it made a huge difference for me. It’s a way to gamify your to-do list. I keep everything in one place, I’ve got the app on my phone so my list is with me everywhere, and I get points and battle monsters and get funny little pet animal thingies. There’s a learning curve when you first start, but if you’re motivated by getting points and gaining levels, it might work for you!
  4. Watch Good Mythical Morning Once upon a time, YouTube told me that I needed to watch this series. That was well over a year ago, and I still watch 6 mornings a week (there is no episode on Sundays). It’s sort of hard to explain what it’s like…but this one is my favourite of all the episodes of all time and every time I watch it I laugh so hard I can’t breathe.
  5. Read The Hustle I have a subscription to a ridiculous number of email newsletters. This is the only one I actually read every day. They summarize what’s new in tech and entrepreneurship and business news in a snarky, pithy way that is totally up my alley. All of the links are there for reference if you want to read more, too, which is nice because it is pretty irritating when a newsletter only links to their own damn blog post about it and not the primary source, amirite? I personally find that the stories they choose aren’t the same as the ones the other newsletters hit on, but depending on your own personal subscriptions, ymmv. The Hustle usually hits my inbox after I’ve logged on for Skype shows, so I read it when I have a lull in shows. It’s a nice break, kind of like my morning coffee break with my smartest, bitchiest friend in the office.

So now you can put down your binoculars, perv: you know what I do every morning so you can stop being a creep and get on with your life. I mean, unless you have pizza. If you have pizza, come on up, let’s pop that baby in the microwave and eat the breakfast of champions together!


There is one sort-of-affiliate link in this post: The Hustle gives me points if someone signs up for their newsletter. Get enough points and I can get a T-shirt. It is basically a shitty affiliate program, but I fucking love their daily email, so I wanted to share it with you, and hey, who turns down a free T-shirt? 

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