Friday Five: 5 things I’ve been digging this week

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Happy 2016! Is anyone else slightly confused by what happened to 2015? I swear it only lasted 10 months or so. This year I resolve to blog more (because I love it), stick to my cam schedule at least 75% of the time, and to dye my pubes blue for the Blue Jays. In the spirit of blogging more, here is the first Friday 5 of the new year.

1. Listening to…“Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift. I can’t get enough of this song right now. I like to dance around my house singing along. She is a much better singer, but I am more naked, so I win the contest.

2. Watching…“The X-Files” on Netflix, getting ready for the re-boot on January 24. I’d only ever seen parts of seasons 8 and 9, so I started from the very beginning, and it was a very good place to start! After 3 episodes I was completely hooked, and as I just finished off season 6 I am still totally into it. I hope I can binge my way through the last 3 seasons in time for the revival!

3. Reading…about Joey Crawford’s imminent retirement from the NBA. Don’t recognize the name? Crawford has been an NBA ref for 39 years, and he is either one of the best or the very worst ref, depending on your perspective. For a primer on his time officiating, there is a great interview in the New York Times from 2012, and a post on Deadspin that alerted me to the news. If you don’t care about the details, but want to see the 10 worst calls Crawford ever made (and they are hilariously bad, even for non-basketball fans), here is an uproxx video list for you.

4. Drinking…Ice Breaker Winter Ale from Stanley Park Brewery. It’s a porter-style ale, with a deeper flavor and rich, dark color. Not a lot of head on this beer, which I like, and low carbonation. It definitely leans toward a more bitter style than lighter ales, but doesn’t quite cross the line. It tasted to me like the flavors of cherry and dark chocolate that are hyped on the packaging came from post-brewing flavoring, which I could be totally wrong about, but they didn’t seem as natural and harmonious as flavors that develop as part of the brewing process. A good beer for a snow storm…or pouring rain, being from Vancouver and all. I would buy this beer again.

5. Trying…not to impulse-buy a plane ticket for a trip to Florida for Grapefruit League spring training baseball. It’s hasn’t even been 3 months since baseball ended and already I have gone into withdrawal.

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