How to Get a Great Cam Show

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Remember the time I told you how to have great phone sex? Well, it occurred to me that some of the same tips apply to getting a great cam show. Sure, you’re paying the model (hopefully me!) to provide a show, but there are some things you can do as the customer to take things from good to great.


  • Tell me what you want Trust me, whatever you want, someone has asked for something stranger. Any half-decent cammodel will not mock you or shame you for your request. If it is a fetish or sex act that I don’t offer, I’ll let you know and you can continue your search for a model that fits your needs. Telling me directly is the best way to make sure I do exactly what you want in your show, which is, after all, what you’re paying for. If you hint and give vague suggestions, I might not guess correctly, and then I don’t have a fair shot at blowing your mind (and your load). Springing a sudden change of direction on a model mid-show isn’t fair, either. Let me know what I’m in for up front and we’ll both have a much better time together.
  • Let me know how we’ll be communicating Let me know if you plan to keep your cam off, so when we connect I don’t waste time trying to troubleshoot a blank screen. If you’re unable to talk to me, that’s fine too, but let me know in advance that you’ll be typing so I can set Skype to show the texting window while we’re on the call. Also, if you’re only going to be able to manage a quiet whisper, either type or consider waiting for a show until the circumstances are better. Nothing is less sexy than saying “say that again?” over and over because I can’t hear you.
  • It’s okay to offer some guidance Similar to #1, remember that I am a cammodel, not a psychic. If you want me to do something, let me know! If we’re mid-show and you want me doggystyle but I seem comfortable on my back, tell me to flip over and give you some doggy dammit! If you’re looking for the perfect cammodel to anticipate your every need and who will never need any guidance to give you the perfect show, I’m here to tell you that girl doesn’t exist. Especially when we’ve never done a show together, our last show was a while ago, and even then…you can’t expect perfection from me if you don’t at least point me in the right direction.
  • Tell me how it went You don’t have to leave a formal review, but if you loved something specific that I did, or weren’t crazy about something, let me know. If you plan to get another show with me, I keep track of this information to make future shows better for you. Heck, with enough good feedback, one day it might just seem like I read your mind.


Cam shows are best when it’s a 2-way street. On my own, I can give you a good show, but with a little help, I can give you a truly great, balls-draining experience that you’ll keep going back to when you’re alone.

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