This Week in Clips: High Heels, Girls Farting, Impregnation, and more!

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There’s new content at my Clips4Sale store, and this week you get to see the infamous Dutch Oven farting clip I filmed with Sophia Sylvan! I thought my farts were smelly, but she took it to a whole new level! This week I posted…

Shoe Show-Off
I show off my sexy high heel collection, trying them all on, and strutting my stuff in 3 of my favourite pairs. Listen to the click of my heels on the hard floor, look at how curvy and delicious my calves, thighs, and ass become when I put on my sexy shoes!
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In the Shower
See me in my all-natural state, at a delicious angle for you bush and belly lovers! Things get hot and wet as I soap up all my curves, and when it gets steamy…well, good thing I’m the kind of dirty you can’t wash off!
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Cum Inside Me
I need your cum. Why? Because I want your baby! I want you to cum inside me over and over and over again until you breed me. Knock me up, baby. Fuck me every day, twice a day, until your seed takes root and grows inside me! I want your sperm to make my belly swell. I need your cum, I want your cum, please give it to me! I’m begging you…give me your cum…cum inside me!
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My New Speculum
I bought a metal speculum, but I have never used one before! Watch as I test it out for the very first time. It’s cold at first, but once I get it inside and crank it open, you get a nice view all the way in to my cervix. I’ve never seen so deep inside my pussy, and it is very exciting! Look deep inside my hairy cunt with a full speculum exam!
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Sheer Perfection
These beautiful black nylons are sheer perfection! With no gusset you can see the seam all the way along my ass crack and up between my pussy lips. I tease you with my thick thighs under my sheer pantyhose, showing off my hairy pussy and big butt before giving you the perfect up skirt view from between my feet on the floor. I pull down my panty hose to show off my big pale booty and thick bush before pulling them up to show off more of the silky sheerness. Enjoy!
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The Sleepover: Farting Friends
Sophia and I are having a sleepover, and it’s finally time for bed. The only problem is that my belly is full of gas! I can’t stop cracking off stinky farts, and Sophia is sick of smelling them! She pummels me with a pillow, kicks my smelly butt, and finally tells me I have to stand outside until I am finished farting. I promise her that I am all done with farting, and she lets me back into the bed, but I saved one last one and I trick her with a Dutch Oven, forcing her under the blankets to smell my putrid gas! Have I had the last laugh, or does Sophia have a plan to get me back? Find out with this video…
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Time on the Toilet
Watch me go to the toilet! Several bathroom breaks are recorded, full of piss, farts, plops, and a lot of grunting and straining to get everything out!
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