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So today has been the unofficial day of guys chatting me up on Skype without getting shows. As much as this annoys me (it wastes my time to talk to people who have no intention of paying, time I could be editing videos, etc), today I have had a few odd interactions. These have been edited to remove some potentially identifying details. These are not the whole conversations, where necessary I paraphrased in italics.

Guy has spent 5 minutes asking very detailed questions about my high heel collection, including whether or not I have the same shoes I wore in a shoe-fucking video. Um yes, they are my shoes, I have them.
Dude: what do you do in your shows?
Katy Churchill: I get naked and fuck myself.
Dude: will you wear clothes I like?
Katy Churchill: Yes, and I’ll take them off, too!
Dude: mmmmm i like horny girls like you. my cam is ready
Katy Churchill: Cool, send me $2 per minute through bit.ly/SkypeKaty and we can play!
Dude: oh you are whore not normal girl
Katy Churchill: You asked if i would fuck my high heel, what kind of normal girl did you think i was?!?
Dude: not a whore

This guy doesn’t believe I am Canadian and is asking me lots of “test” questions about who the Prime Minister is and shit. He is convinced I am an American and am trying to fool him for some weird personal reason.
Dude: how many provinces are there?
Katy Churchill: You know I could just google it, right?
Dude: no cheating!
Katy Churchill: I can’t decide if this is the best or worst conversation i have ever had.
Dude: are you making fun of me?
Katy Churchill: I told you Tim Horton was our first prime minister and that’s why we have a donut chain named after him. Yeah, dude, I am definitely making fun of you.
Dude: i’m blocking you
Katy Churchill: Please do

No preamble to this one, he just started the conversation here.
Dude: Where you from?
Katy Churchill: Canada. How are you?
Dude: I’m *very small town*, France
Katy Churchill: Nice! Are you looking for a camshow?
Dude: I speak Italian.
Katy Churchill: Wow, cool. I only speak English. Which site did you find me on?
Dude: I have whatsapp.
Katy Churchill: I don’t, but I do offer sexting via kik! You can find my info and rates at http://bit.ly/SkypeKaty
Dude: You French?
Katy Churchill: No, sorry, I only speak and write English.
Dude: Verry beatfolee
And that was the last I heard from him. 

This is a fairly standard day on Skype, but thought you would like a peek behind the wizard’s curtain to see what I get all day every day 🙂 Enjoy!

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