This Week in Clips: Jeans, Belly Sounds, Fart Role Play, and more!

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There’s new fetish content at my Clips4Sale store, and this week I had some stinky farts filling up the office on one of my filming days! Never a dull moment at the Churchill house. This week I posted…

Pink Toe Painting
My perfect little toenails need to be painted…so I choose my favourite colour…pink! I’m naked as I paint each individual toe, talking to you about how I want you to play with my feet and lick and suck my toes as we fuck.
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Denim Masturbation
I show off my tight blue jeans, wiggling my ass in front of you, stroking my thick thighs. I unbutton and unzip my fly, sliding my hands down the front of my skinny jeans. I masturbate until I reach orgasm, then zip up again for a final peek at my ass in denim.
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Gut Gurgles
Zoom in close on my belly and listen to the grumbles and gurgles inside! Turn your speakers up to 11 for these 100% authentic tummy rumbles! I caught these on camera while trying to film another video.
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Lick It!
You catch me masturbating with my favourite dildo, and you really enjoy the view! I encourage you to stroke for me as I fuck my dildo. I fuck my hairy pussy, then wipe the dildo up and down my ass crack, before telling you to cum on my dildo! After you cum, lick that dildo clean again!
This was originally a custom video. To order your own custom, check out the details here.
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Farting Secretary
I’m stuck in the office with a belly full of gas! I lift a cheek to let a toot slip out, but before long I’m talking on the phone, trying desperately not to fart so loud the other person hears it! Finally, with my coworkers in a meeting, I unzip my skirt to give my gassy tummy room to relax, and I crack off a huge, smelly fart. My colleagues come back and I try to hide the stinky smell and another little fart from them!
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Cock Under Pressure
Thank you for stopping by the clinic. Today the doctor is going to wrap a blood pressure cuff around your cock to see how much you can take. She’ll first check the blood flow in your dick to make sure there is a prominent pulse. Next she will wrap that cuff snugly around your shaft before inflating it, one pump at a time. Watch the pressure dial tick upwards as you beg for mercy…beg for relief from the painful pressure…
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