Pantyhose Fetish with Amy Paige (Guest Blog)

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pantyhose fetish camgirlMILF camgirl Amy Paige is known for her long legs and her experience in pantyhose fetish. While I find pantyhose and stockings sexy and sensual, and have made several videos where I get naughty in nylons, Amy takes it to an entirely different level. She answers phone sex calls, offers Skype shows, and has videos for sale on her Niteflirt profile…many of which feature stockings and pantyhose! Amy has spent years delving deeply into the world of stockings and pantyhose fetish, and she has come to some interesting conclusions about her own personal attraction to nylons, but I’ll let her tell you in her own words!

I was stuck writing this blog post about pantyhose fetish for a long time, unable to come up with a fresh outlook on the love for nylon that I’ve had for so long. Then I realized, it is the very classic, nostalgically-sensual, Film Noir aspect of pantyhose and stockings that is the allure. How many old Hollywood films have back-lit scenes with the actress adjusting her stocking top, or the POV is on sheer pantyhose covered legs? Lots and lots. The scene places that actress, that woman in your mind as an object of desire. Nylon enhances the beauty of the feminine legs, similar to a suntan but in a purposeful way. The act of wearing pantyhose or stockings is a deliberate one, a way to conceal and reveal at the same time. Sheer pantyhose catches the light and shimmers down the legs almost magically.

The tactile aspect of nylon takes you further and deeper than the visual which draws you in. Soft and somewhat fragile, that thin shield between skin and the world, barely there yet always making one aware of its existence. Pantyhose feels like foreplay. When used during foreplay, when touched, stretched, pulled down or removed, rubbed against another also wearing pantyhose, nylon is sex.

Wearing pantyhose is just the beginning of our experience together. Fully dressed from lingerie, nylons, skirt, blouse and high heels to being nude except for the thinnest wisp of stockings, the variety in which nylon can be used for eroticism is vast. I may dominate you with my black tights stretched out over a highly-arched foot, lean over and make you worship my nylon-encased ass. We may toy with this side of vanilla sex with a dollop of sheer-to-waist suntan pantyhose on top to make things a bit more interesting, the sensation of pantyhose increasing our excitement, literally climaxing with the pantyhose pulled down. One of my favorite videos is the series of me as an office assistant being dominated by my boss who insists that I adhere to the dress code including pantyhose andthen makes me perform sexually in front of him. The possibilities of pantyhose-stocking fetish are endlessly fascinating and I find that experimenting with them both rewarding and orgasmic.
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