The end of 2017!

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I’ve been told by several reliable sources that 2017 is ending, though I don’t quite believe it myself! In lieu of reflecting on my goals, progress, and achievements this year, I’m instead going to do a Top 3 List of my videos…both best sellers and the ones I like the best! I don’t want to dwell on things that went wrong, or even over-analyze things that went right. I want to show you the best freaking stuff I did this year!

Top 3….best-selling videos

  1. Pantyhose Under Jeans (tie): I’ve been wearing pantyhose under my pants all day, and I can finally strip off my jeans to deal with my wet pussy! I masturbate through my pantyhose at first, then rip them right open to get in deeper to give me a great orgasm! // Your Yellow Shower (tie): I know you’ve been fantasizing about having me pee on you for a long, long time. Today I’ve decided to make your dream come true! I’ve had a lot of water and Diet Coke to drink, so lie down in the tub and let me pee on you. Stare up at me in this point of view video as I give you the yellow shower you desire.
  2. Be My Ass Slave: You know you want it. That perfect, round ass, filling out my dress. I tease you with my soft, smooth booty, slowly pulling up the hem of my dress to show you my tiny panties. I shimmy out of my itsy-bitsy g-string and shake my ass for you, spreading wide to show you my tight, hairy asshole. Lean in close and sniff it, ass perv…smell it and lick it and clean it and taste it. Tongue fuck my p00p chute
  3. Shart Surprise: My belly is so bloated from the spicy food I ate. I push out fart after fart after fart…until I accidentally shart! Now I have to clean the carpet.

Top 3….videos I made, according to me

  1. Fuck Me & Give Me a Facial: This was my first attempt at a multi-position, multi-angle boy-girl sex video. My first sex video was really more of the classic “sex tape” with terrible lighting, a weird fixed camera angle, and absolute ignorance of the participants when it came to making it look good for the viewer (Hotel Sex with Katy Churchill is the video I am referring to.) In this one…well, at a few points we still got carried away and forgot to pay attention to where we were in reference to the camera, but it came out very nicely. I love facials, and his big load at the end was hot as hell, and I sometimes watch my favourite parts of this clip to get me turned on for cam!
  2. BBW Goth Girl Fucks Glass Dildo: This might seem like a weird video to love, but I haven’t experimented much with wigs or characters in videos, but when I bought a $2 wig on clearance after Halloween, I decided to embrace my inner goth. I filmed a few videos in this get-up, and I fucking loved it. Something about the wig and makeup brought out an aloof, moody side of me that was simmering with sex, and it sold better than I expected! The wig is questionable (I tried to DIY the haircut on it…I failed), but it inspired me and in 2018 you should keep an eye out for some different looks in my kinky clips.
  3. First Solo Pump Belly Inflation: I’ve been waiting to make this video since September 2016. My first belly inflation was filmed with Sophia Sylvan (Belly Inflation Instruction), and while it was a lot of fun, her experience in angles and lighting to properly show off the size difference and the actual inflation process was what really set that video up for success. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to adequately capture the inflation and resulting swollen belly on my own (I am very very pale and I have white walls, which can make lighting videos somewhat challenging.) So the aquarium pump sat in a box for nearly a year until I decided to just give it a try. The worst that could happen was a bunch of useless footage, and I have dozens of folders full of that, so it’s nothing new! The resulting video was pretty damned good (if I do say so myself) and I’m looking forward to incorporating more roleplay and some interesting scenarios into body inflation videos in 2018!
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