This Week in Clips: Gloves, SPH, Mommy JOI and more!

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You know how this goes…lots of new stuff up on Clips4Sale this week! Check out the gifs and descriptions of all the fetish fun, then click on over to do a little shopping! Don’t see precisely what you want? Order a custom video!

Glove & Rub
I draw on my long leather gloves, running them up and down my juicy curves. I strip out of my lingerie and tease you by spreading my fat ass and winking my hairy asshole. Finally I spread my legs and rub my hairy cunt until I cum! These leather gloves feel soooooo nice on my hairy pussy!
Glove & Rub (MP4 HD)
Glove & Rub (WMV)

Stuck Up Bitch
Oh, I’m sorry, did you think I was here for you? You and your little worm dick? Fuck no! Take your place down on the ground and keep that maggoty little prick away from me. Sure, go ahead, stroke it, but do NOT expect me to look at a tiny thing like that.
Stuck Up Bitch (MP4 HD)
Stuck Up Bitch (WMV)

Stroke for Mommy
Oh sweetie, is your peepee hard again? Don’t worry son, mommy can help you with that! Pull down your pants and mommy will tell you what to do to make it feel better. Mommy will take out her breasts to help your penis feel better. And mommy doesn’t let her tampon string stop her from spreading her pink pussy to help you out! Mommy is going to do everything she can to help you make your peenie sneeze, just listen to mommy’s voice and do as she says…
Stroke For Mommy (MP4 HD)
Stroke For Mommy (WMV)

Panty Surprise!
I know you love my panty drawer so much…so I have a surprise for you! I’ve layered up my panties for you for a very special striptease. How many layers? Wait and see. And which pair is closest to my pussy? Wait and see!
Panty Surprise! (MP4 HD)
Panty Surprise! (WMV)

Gagging For It
I’m going to do it this time, I’m going to take it balls deep! I shove that cock deep down my throat, just for you. My chin against the balls, I gag and burp and retch. Tears run down my cheeks and strings of spit drip from my mouth, but I keep on going!
Gagging For It (MP4 HD)
Gagging For It (WMV)

Bladder Stretch: 3L Attempt
I share some stories of my lifetime of bladder stretching and pee holding challenges while attempting to drink 3 liters (3/4 of a gallon) of water in one sitting. Do I get it all down? Wait and see… After I’ve let the water work its way through me I hop into the bathroom with my white cotton panties on to relieve my bladder, soaking my panties before wringing them out at the end!
Bladder Stretch: 3L Attempt (MP4 HD)
Bladder Stretch: 3L Attempt (WMV)

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