This Week in Clips: Inflatable me, underwater farts, edging, and more!

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Lots of fun fetish content this week! I’ve been filming a lot of custom videos lately, most of which will be released to general sale in the coming weeks. This week I released…

Inflatey Katy: Sex Mode
“You bring home your new Katy Churchill inflatable doll. Reading the instruction manual, you learn how to inflate her and watch and hear her slowly fill with air. You chat with her a while before activating her SEX MODE with the pin pad on her butt. She goes wild and attacks you sexually, kissing you and making love with her on top, then you see a button in her stomach and she counts down and deflates.” Includes sound effects.
Inflatey Katy: Sex Mode (MP4 HD)
Inflatey Katy: Sex Mode (WMV)

No Cumming On My Coat
I want you to stroke your cock for me, but I do NOT want you to cum. I’d hate to have you make a mess on my gorgeous fur coat! I’ll tease you with my pale, curvy body and tight hairy pussy, but no orgasms allowed! Watch me stroke the soft, sleek fur and the lush satin lining of my sexy vintage fur, but don’t you dare blow your load. Come to the edge with me…but don’t fall over!
No Cumming On My Coat (MP4 HD)
No Cumming On My Coat (WMV)

200 Spanks
I’ve been very, very naughty…but I’m going to spank the bad right out of me! First 100 spanks with my hand…but that isn’t enough. 100 more spanks with my wooden hairbrush? Sounds about right!
200 Spanks (MP4 HD)
200 Spanks (WMV)

Big Belly Sounds
My big fat belly often makes noises, but I have never managed to successfully catch them on camera. Until now! Watch me squeeze and wiggle and jiggle my belly as it groans and grumbles. No sound effects, all real tummy noises! Turn up the volume to hear real rumbling and gurgling from deep inside my chubby stomach!
Big Belly Sounds (MP4 HD)
Big Belly Sounds (WMV)

Bubbling Bath Farts<br
It’s a different kind of bubble bath! While getting ready to hop in the tub I crack off a few farts. After I get in the tub, watch bubbles big and small rise up from my underwater farts! When I go to drain the tub I let out one final fart to finish up bath time.
Bubbling Bath Farts (MP4 HD)
Bubbling Bath Farts (WMV)

Why I Love Smoking
I know I shouldn’t do it…but I can’t resist. Just like driving too fast, fucking strangers in bar bathrooms, and having a bit too much fun, I can’t give up the taste and feel of a cigarette. Join me for a smoke and a chat as I suck down that sweet burning tobacco.
Why I Love Smoking (MP4 HD)
Why I Love Smoking (WMV)

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