This Week in Clips: Red Nails, Wet & Messy, and more!

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Another week, another great crop of sexy clips! I flew across the Atlantic and landed back in Canada, but that didn’t stop me posting hot new videos in several different fetishes. This week I released…

Red Stiletto Nails
Tap, tap, tap…type, type, type! Listen and watch as I drum my fingernails against my laptop, my coffee cup, and a wooden table. Take a look at the way the light glints off my sexy metallic red stiletto nails as I type on my computer. I love the length these fake nails give me and the way my hands look with them at the tip of my fingers.
Red Stiletto Nails (MP4 HD)
Red Stiletto Nails (WMV)

Wet and Messy Beans
Don’t you love the feeling of wet stuff squishing up between your toes? I do! And these beans are the perfect messy material to squish under my bare feet. I pop them out of their skins and squash them with my toes and heels until they are brown mush.
Wet and Messy Beans (MP4 HD)
Wet and Messy Beans (WMV)

Back to Katy
I love dressing up as a sexy vampire, but once the video is finished filming, it’s a lot of work to get back to looking like “normal” Katy! I pull off my fangs, pop off my fingernails, wipe off all that dark makeup and ta-da! It’s Katy again!
Back to Katy (MP4 HD)
Back to Katy (WMV)

Look at my big boy!
Look how big you’ve gotten! My little baby boy is now a full-grown man! I wish you were still mommy’s little boy, though. I made you this lovely cake, why don’t you take a bite? And by the time you’ve finished, maybe you’ll be my little baby all over again…
Look at My Big Boy! (MP4 HD)
Look at My Big Boy! (WMV)

Lovely Legs
Left over right, right over left, upskirt peek, then repeat! Drink in every inch of my thick thighs and shapely calves, and get an eyeful of my lace-top stockings and black garter belt.
Lovely Legs (MP4 HD)
Lovely Legs (WMV)

Sex Therapy Intern: Cross Dresser
Welcome to the Sex Therapy Clinic. I’m new here, so we’ll be starting from scratch. It says here in your intake form that you like to dress up in women’s clothes. Why don’t we start with getting you into some lingerie so I can see how it affects you?
Sex Therapy Intern: Cross Dresser (WMV)
Sex Therapy Intern: Cross Dresser (MP4 HD)

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