Life in the Weight Gain Fetish World

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I have some bad news for those of you with a weight gain fetish: my gainer days are over. When I started camming and filming, I tipped the scales at a svelte (well, okay, chubby) 176 pounds. That was back in October 2013 (yes, I’ve been around that long). By May 2016 I was weighing in at 234 pounds and I filmed several weight comparison videos for my weight gain fetish fans. My belly grew, my thighs thickened, my butt blew up to nearly 4 feet in circumference. I went from curvy girl next door to BBW babe, and started getting fan mail from weight gain fetish guys. And because I was already eating too much pizza, drinking too much beer, and gaining weight totally naturally, I figured I might as well dive into the fetish! I didn’t have to do anything differently, and I enjoyed making videos about my weight gain. I had once been very, very skinny, and I loved the feminine curves my weight gain gave me.

weight gain fetish thick thighs

Such sexy curves and thick thighs!

You know who wasn’t a fan of my weight gain? My doctor. I realized that gaining weight probably wasn’t the healthiest choice I ever made, and there were definitely struggles that increased along with the number on the scale. Walking up stairs left me breathless, and chub rub was a real threat. I felt fine, though, and my weight gain fetish following increased with each pound. After gaining almost 6 pounds in a little over 2 months, my doctor stepped in and sent me for blood tests. The results were sobering. Well, mentally sobering, because I definitely got drunk the night I got the results. I won’t go into great detail here (you can find an in-depth video about the whole doctor situation here), but my cholesterol was through the roof, and my blood sugar was bad news. Apparently indulging in the weight gain fetish world was bad for my body in ways I couldn’t see.

weight gain fetish belly

Mmmmm…nice big belly and some hot D-cup underboob.

I took a long, hard look at my options, and remaining active in the weight gain fetish arena is not something I will be doing going forward. My videos will always be available for those of you who want to see me at my biggest, but my current goal is to get back to the size I started camming at. No skinny girl goals here! I want to still have the occasional pizza…and the frequent beer.

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